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First steps on new grounds!

2009-04-18 06:43:14 by JMKit

Well I thought It was about time to get started over here at newgrounds!
I've had a couple of great years over at deviantArt which is just getting better ^_^ and my own website is always expanding and growing with new content, newgrounds seems like a great place to showcase some more of my flash based work.

So hopefully I'll be sticking around for a while =D


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2009-04-30 05:58:05

i checked out ur website, its cool. (u must be pretty skilled to have your own clothing line xD)


2009-10-28 01:02:39

Welcome to newgrounds. Great to see some impressive fresh artist join the community or at least grace us with their work.
You have a very friendly style - I love the pleasant child-like glee your flash carries with it.